If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your social feed tells an epic story about your brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch or completely rebranding your social feed, let us help you tell your story, your way.


Our creative team specializes in the visualization and production of branded messaging. We build integrated campaigns that involve hundreds of social influencers and brand loyalists.


From branded memes to green-screened comedy skits to high-quality product shots, we produce most of our content here in Jerry Studios. To meet specific marketing needs, we also employ a global network of the best freelance creatives -- photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers and so on.


“Influencer Marketing” is a buzzword for a reason—it works. If growing social media following or high campaign visibility is the goal, influencers are the answer. Our in-house influencers have a collective network of 42 million followers. This provides our clients instant access to a vast audience. Our unique position also allows us to recruit other high profile influencers for your campaign.


Jerry Studios is the only agency that can reliably grow an account. We have grown client accounts by 1K to 50K new followers per month, which in turn facilitates long-term organic growth. This quantifiable influence is what separates us from the pack.


When we galvanize our following, we sway public opinion on a massive scale. We employ market setting to create a positive “environment” for our brands by humorously critiquing their competitors. Engaging in this type of light-hearted jabbing, however childish, is part of the appeal of social media and we’re not afraid to use it.


We love hitting the streets and engaging consumers IRL. While Jerry Studios retains complete control over all digital visibility, we also work closely with partner agencies to launch marketing initiatives outside the digital realm. This includes event activations, billboards, murals, wheatpaste posters and other on-the-street engagement.


Jerry Studios provides a dedicated Community Manager to serve as the brand “voice” across social media channels. This manager engages the community on a minute-to-minute basis by addressing every inbound message and outbound opportunity, all while providing constant feedback on content performance.


When building content strategy, we reference in-depth analytics to ensure that the data behind content performance is aligned with creative direction. Our analytics are based on three factors: audience, engagement and optimization.