Bumble has changed the rules of the dating game. On Bumble, women initiate the conversation. The dating app has since expanded. Women can now swipe to connect with potential dates, friends, and professional contactsall on the same platform. 

As Bumble’s agency on record, Jerry Studios worked with Bumble to unify these three features under the company's "female-first" vision.

Two Objectives

  1. Empower women to seize opportunities through making new connections.

  2. Strengthen local awareness of the Bumble brand, specifically in New York City.

The approach

We created and curated highly shareable content about women who take initiative, women who make moves, women who hustle. We also produced short-form comedic video content that highlighted the joys and pains of dating. Beyond digital, we developed street-level campaigns that engaged potential Bumble users in real life.

In one guerilla-style stunt, we commissioned ManServants to stand on the streets of Midtown Manhattan and call out to women passing by. Instead of lewd and degrading remarks often associated with catcalls, the gentlemen complimented the women on non-physical attributes. They also shouted words of encouragement and empowerment that left many laughing, smiling, and cheering on.

the detes

  • Eye-catching graphics & quippy one-liners for social posts

  • Meme content produced & distributed on influencer accounts

  • 8 comedic shorts produced & distributed on influencer accounts

  • 2 videos of "Empowering Catcalls" guerilla stunt in Midtown Manhattan

  • Subway ads at Rockefeller Center and Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  • 1 commissioned hand-painted mural in Nolita

  • 1000s of stickers distributed throughout the city

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